Hey, I'm Katelynn! So glad your here! I'm from a small town in Minnesota. It has been my dream since I was ten years old to be a professional photographer, but was always told to find a different dream, that it wasn't a "real" job. The middle of senior year, I was looking at agricultural schools, my head was telling me that is what I was supposed to be doing. My heart was telling me that I was meant to be a photographer.

I ended up looking for photography schools and I found Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP), and I knew at that moment I needed to follow my heart and go to this school. My family was not convinced, they said I couldn't make a living off of just being a photographer. It was then I really started to become devastated but, motivated at the same time, to prove that I could make it happen. I became determined to follow my dreams and make something of myself. I moved to Montana to attended RMSP, and I instantly fell in love with the mountains and environment I was in, so I made the decision to stay and make Montana my new home!! I'm now an alumni from Rocky Mountain School of Photography, and I am located in the Bitterroot Valley! 

I'm here to help your western photography dreams come true!! We can chat about your photographic needs, to make your vision happen. My love for mountains is almost as strong as my love for photography! I love capturing authentic moments with a western twist!!

I love Western Everything.

A little About Me

Do you love the authentic western vibe??...Then you are my kind of client. Weather we go by the river, in the woods, or out in the open with just the mountains as the background..maybe you want all of the above, well you have come to the right place. Lets get together an create some memorable authentic moments! 

My love for the western vibe couldn't be stronger.

- I love the mountains
- Fall is my favorite time of year
- I have a strong love for animals 
- I have loved photography since I was ten years old

Fun Facts About Me!

Its western time!